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NOTE:  Selecting "Services Interested In" DOES NOT  indicate registration for any service, career fair or event.

TO REGISTER  for these services you need to select them from your account found within the Career Services tab.

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Advertising on Campus
Banking Week
Career Fair - Education Career Fair
Career Fair - Grad School Fair
Career Fair - Industry Fair
Career Fair - Winter Fair
Job Posting - Campus Wide
Job Posting - Co-op - Faculty of Arts (No charge)
Job Posting - Co-op or Internship - Faculty of Science - (No charge)
Job Posting - Faculty of Graduate Studies (No charge)
Job Posting - Faculty of Law - Summer/Articling (No charge)
Job Posting - Haskayne School of Business - includes MBA (No charge)
Job Posting - Internship - Engineering (No charge)
Engineering Internship Mentorship
Haskayne School of Business Career Fairs
Haskayne School of Business Career LIVEbrary
Haskayne School of Business Mentorship
Haskayne School of Business Practice Interview Participant
Indigenous Recruitment & Engagement
Industry Panels, Information/Briefing Sessions
Interview Room Booking and/or Scheduling
Mock/Practice Interviews Series
National Co-op Week
Resume Books (fees TBD)
Women in Work Events
Indicate the exact number of employees in your organization.
Examples of non-profit organizations:
   - social, recreational or hobby groups (bridge clubs, curling clubs, golf clubs)
   - certain amateur sports organizations (hockey associations, baseball leagues, soccer leagues)
   - certain festival organizations (parades, seasonal celebrations)

Please enter your Registered Charity # that identifies you as a Registered Charity.  Missing #'s will delay the approval of your account. The number must be in the format of #########RR000#


Please enter your Corporate Access Registration # that identifies you as a Non-Profit.  Missing #'s will delay the approval of your account. Number must be in format #########RP####

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